UXD Fails # no WiFi

The whole idea of a laptop is to move around right, well not in my case I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in one spot for the past few months because my laptop has finally gone brain dead. The only way of receiving my WiFi is through my handy dandy yellow Ethernet cord. It just so happens that my hard drive died and it needs to be replaced, in the mean time i can get a new one or just get a USB WiFi adapter to alleviate my solider’s post. And, here is the image of what am working with.

there are a number of options to go about fixing this problem, i can either get a temporary wifi adapter or get a whole new laptop. None the less, the way i would go about fixing this as a ux design problem, would be to create a software that would detect when these things would occur, this new software would not only save me from spending money, but it would help to alleviate my problem. Not to mention laptops aren’t cheap there becoming more of liability than a necessity, especially when their a few years old.

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