UX Fails- Everyday Life

In everyday life, failure crosses the crease in our foreheads. When it comes to User experience design, it becomes essential to make sure that the product and the design is essential to provide the best experience for the user. In some cases, the design doesn’t co-exist with the intended message or the symbol of being successful.

In this Snapple Design, The bottle shows that the drink is a hybrid of both Green/Black Tea and Lemonade. While the design is successful in showing the hybrid of both flavors, the label shows more of a 1/4, 3/4 division between both flavors. this might be OCD of me but the design doesn’t show the true representation of a half/ half drink.

With that being said, I think that The Snapple company has to reconsider their bottle design. This bottle configuration is too big for my tiny hands ( Even the picture above was hard to take). The hand holder is too wide for me to comfortably pour juice with one hand.

As a solution, they should create tiny holes for my fingers to fit as well as incorporate an attachment that would cater to smaller hands!

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