Ux Fail- The Catch Up App

So a while ago my sister recommended this game to me, you should try it its fun. I don’t really play games on my phone, but I thought this one was fun so, I downloaded. I normally play it when i’m on the bus or on the train whiles listening, sometimes music is not enough to distract you from the fact that bus and train rides are boring especially when you’re alone.

This game isn’t all of that technical, its like subway surf, but it’s not. The problems I have with App is that there is no pause button at all for this game, so if you just wanted to quickly do something else you would have to leave the app and maybe 5 out of 10 times the app won’t refresh. Another Issue is that the ads shows up at the wrong moment like when you’re about to beat your high boom an ad pop out from nowhere, and guess what? the game still continues in the background and you lose. My last problem with this app is that when you die or lose or whatever they give you the option to watch an ad for a free life that will let you continue from where you left off. I don’t want to watch an ad so I click no thank you and guess what they show me an Ad anyways, no I only have two option watch the ad for free or exist the app.

How it looks when you start the game

My solution to fixing this app is to basically add a pause button, and fix the bug of having the ads popup anywhere .

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  1. I play this game too, and to prevent adds I put my phone on airplane mode and to continue listening to music at the same time just download songs to your phone so no wifi is needed to listen to it.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I agree that it would be much better if there is a pause button for the user who might want to do other things such as phone calls, emails, etc. In addition, Skylar’s suggestion could be a solution for the ads.


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