Ux Fail- Playing Fifa19 on the PS4

In my free time i like to chill in the house playing videos. i feel like that my best way of enjoying myself and getting away from a lot of drama and puts me in my comfort zone. The game that i spend most of my time playing when i’m on my PS4 is fifa 19.

i started playing fifa in 2011 once i was introduced to the game by my cousins from England. Then followed up by me being introduced to the sport as well. This game can be great at times where your enjoying it and your at your top then also you can have moments where your struggling and want to delete and not play the game anymore.

my favorite mode to play in this game is is ultimate team where you can build your own team of players throughout different football leagues and compete against players across the world. You can earn specials cards from players that preformed great during the weekend, or complete special SBC’s that EA release during the week to help build the best team possible.

The problem with this game is there are always little bugs that cause the game to act stupid. players find ways to be more over powered than other players because they like to over use a certain meta in the game where that could be finesse shots, crossing, low driven shot and playing constant or high pressure. Ea releases patches where they believe they have fixed the problem in the game but sometimes it has a different effect on the game. There is times when the game runs slow or you just get cheated.

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