UX Fail Part 2 Steam App

So earlier last year as a graduation present from my father he bought me a gaming PC. The download new games I had to download them through an application named steam. The cool part about it is that they have an app that if you want to purchase games on the go. However, the app has a problem that really bothers me.

My biggest problem with steam’s app is that it is very cluttered. There are so many games being presented on the scream all at once that it gets very confusing to find the game you’re looking for. For example say you’re looking for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey what you don’t see is you don’t even have to type in the full name of the game or scroll all the way down until you find the game but the catch is sometimes the words are so jumbled up for as long as I can’t fit on the screen and they become out of line.

How I would fix it is make an option where you can reduce how many games are on the screen that way you can always just focus on finding the games that you want and also make navigation more simpler by not having every single thing games on one screen. The idea of how I would do it is more similar to the Xbox app works in terms of buying games on the app.

And that’s how I would fix the app.

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