UX Fail Part 1 JOJO statue

In my life, I love a lot of things video games movies but most importantly anime. One of the animes I’ve currently watch that I am extremely loving is JoJo bizarre adventure stardust crusaders. One of my favorite characters from the show is the main character himself Jotaro Kujo only because he is the definition of badass so I decided to get a statue and I really like it however it came with some problems.

So one of the biggest problems I have with the statue is that it falls over very easily on some surface

If you instantly touch it or walk over by it, it always seems to fall over. 1 minute the statue will stay up fine on a surface like my computer desk but when I put it on anything else it starts fall down. It has a stand on his left leg but it’s very small and doesn’t really hold the character up. In addition, sometimes it can be really hard to get the stand piece on for some reason it always falls off or it’s really hard to put it in.

So the first thing I would do to improve the statue is makeup brand new stand. So have the stand be a flat surface that as a statue holder on the bottom from keeping it from falling down Or hase a little hook in the back from keeping the statue for falling over (similar to this Naruto statue)

And that’s how I would fix the statue.

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