UX Fail #2

My Iphone X

I think everyone should be satisfy with just being able to call and text with there phone, but not when its really expensive for no reason. I hate the fact that I can’t listen to music whiles I charge my phone. I don’t actually do that but, I would like the option to for a $1000. Then it has a wireless charger which isn’t really that much wireless or useful. I remember one time my phone died whiles I was on the train and i had my wireless charger with me and I was listening to music I plugged out my headphones to plugin my charger I totally forgot my phone have no headphone jack, I had to listen to the train for 30mins. Also the little two corner on the phone screen annoys me when i notice it, even though its a cool design. I think they could have added an headphone Jack and fix the issue with the screen. I don’t hate my phone or anything air pods are just not worth buying.

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