User Interviews

Interview Questions

what is their name and age.

What is the demographic of this person?

what year are they in school

are they tech savvy?

Do you prefer CUNYFIRST or Degreeworks? What do you like about CF?

Are you able to find the cite when its upgraded?

If you could change something about CF what would you change?

What do you do on Cf?

Has the cite ever crashed on you before and if so how do you deal with that?

Would you recommend CF to others, why or why not?

Do you have the app on your phone? (If not download it)

What does the app provide that the website doesn’t? Is it easier to use?

Have CF made your college experience easier?

Do you think it’s necessary to have an advisor when you have access to CF?

How do you feel about having holds on your account when registering for classes?

how has their experience been?

how familiar were they already to cuny systems.

1. CUNY first 
2. You can access multiple things on it such as checking your tuition, financial aid refund , holds on your account , account activity , schedule , browse classes , etc 
3. Yes 
4. I would change the layout to make it easier for certain students who may not be familiar with CUNY first and it’s layout. 
5. Check my account activity , check my 1098 for taxes , check for any holds on my account  , browse courses when making my schedule ,  access degree works and FACTS to check  status for TAP . 
6. No 
7. I would because it can be easier to navigate off one site to access others instead of searching for them all the time and you have to use CF for a lot of things. 
8. No 
9. I don’t know 
10. In most ways it did if I didn’t have time to check in with my advisor , bursar or other areas having to do with my classes and transcripts, etc .
11. Sometimes because it may be difficult for certain students to grasp and it can also give you a head start on choosing classes and going over them with your advisor before taking them so you won’t take the same if not similar courses again.
12. It can be annoying if the deadline is close because then the class would be closed and you’d have to either come back next semester to take that course or take too many credits in one semester like I did because I needed it to graduate.

1-CUNY first
2- That it is user friendly. Easy to navigate. 
3. Yes 
4. That ever so often, you can’t access the website because of a system maintenance 
5. See my schedule, make payments towards am owed balance and keep informed with what’s happening on campus
6. Yes
7. No
8. Convenience 
9. Not really. Not able to get all the options on the app. 
10. Partially 
11. No. Everything is self explanatory 
12. N/A

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