Prototype: CUNY FIRST

Of the students that I interviewed did not toomany of them had to much of a problem with basic layout of cunyfirst but had a problem with always having to go through the list of colleges every time for their college and the term. Also a freshman said we needed a CUNY tutorial. Which I totally agree with them.

After going through about 5 revisions of the Cunyfirst site, I came up with what I thought would be easier using the site. And the interviewees thought so also. So to complete this assignment I had my daughter look over the the cunyfirst website and give me her input about it before I even let her look at the design that I had made up and this is the video of what she thought.

So in conclusion, I found out that the revised edition of the Cuny First site was okay with the user who had not been to CUNY in a good while they foud it easy to move around and also made some other suggestions for the site. But in all they were pleased with how it was arranged.

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