Paper Prototypes

These are my paper prototypes based on red routes for the user. My three user goals are combining all NYC sports teams into one app, making the app easy for customers to navigate, and providing all the necessities that a sports fan will love. My first prototype shows the homepage with the various sports leagues. From there one of the first things users might click on is the scores button, which will take you to the next layout showing scores and highlights. From there users can click the highlights button and go to a page that will show various highlights from the team of there choice starting with the most recent. The next prototype shows another example of a layout with a sign in or sign up option on the homepage. This will then take users to a page with the different sport categories that there are teams for. Whichever category the users clicks on will take them to a page that shows the 2 teams for that as well as the latest news and scores. If the user clicks on a team logo it will take them to another page that shows the latest highlight videos plus other videos giving the user a visual experience that a sports fan will appreciate. Based on user testing the feedback I got was that the last prototype was the best one, starting with the sign in screen. This layout is more organized an efficient, and gives sports fans the best access to everything they need as the user goes from one page to the next.

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