Paper Prototype

When first opening the app you will arrive at the preview to the left. It is the login screen, consisting of the logo and the proper username and password sections. For most users there is a signup link available, an account will be needed to access the features of the app. Also available is the forgot password link which contains a forgot username portal as well for the occasional situation. On the right you will notice the signup page feature which allows the user to create their profile.
After creating a profile or logging in you will arrive at the homepage/feed. The feed consist of all sneaker news and fashion updates. I created this to have the users personal preference for updates all in one place instead of having multiple outlets, they now have one large database to keep up with every and anything fashion and sneaker related. They have to option of customizing the page as well to set up to their needs and wants. On the right will be the shopping center so to say. It has all the sneakers and clothing that all users are able to see that are being sold. It will consist of many categories all including pictures and prices and more relating to the item.
On the left you have the selling page and on the left the users account page. These are blank due to the fact that I simply don’t know what to add to them and how they should look. I would like the idea to be similar to the shopping center. So the selling page would really just show the user what they are selling and how much they would receive for said item and so have you. The account page is just a breakdown of all the users history on the app and more.

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