My Final Project concept

I am going to do my final project on my photography. My photography is not always about people, it covers people, places and things. I have a quirky sense of style and thinking. Most people do not understand why I may take a certain photo. So they think it is strange that I would but you know I really do not care what people think since I have been misunderstood all my life. I will never be conventional or a follower. I am me, accept or do not, makes me no difference cause eye m me.

So these are various photos that I have taken around New York City and in the Hudson Valley, of New York. Most photographers have a specific thing in mind about what they want to shoot, but I work on what I can catch that the others do not see. I love to have people look at my photos and say I do not see it or why would you take a picture of a tree stump. Just like when I suggested that we put my grandson in the sharks mouth to look like he was either eaten or escaping from his mouth.

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