Interview Questions

  1. How has your experience been with cunyfirst so far?
  2. What would you lie to improve about cunyfirst?
  3. where did you go if the site crashed?
  4. did you use cunyfirst app?
  5. what do you like about the cunyfirst?
  6. what do you dislike about the cunyfirst?
  7. what is the difference between getting advised and getting classes from cunyfirst by yourself? Which one do you prefer?
  8. what do you think about the holds in cunyfirst account before you register for class?Does it impact your education?
  9. what year are you in school?
  10. how familiar are you with the cunyfirst

Interview #1

Name: Andalif Syed


Sex: male

  1. I like the system a lot, it is very comfortable to use.
  2. The financial aid log on the website. There is really not much information about financial aid on the website. If they can put more information about financial aid on the web, it will make the site more accessible.
  3. If the site crashed, I will check out if there is any app that relate to the cunyfirst.
  4. No, I did not know there is a cunyfirst app
  5. it was very easy to use.
  6. There is no other enough information regarding financial aid on the website.
  7. I personally like to choose class myself. It is more free, and you can take the class you like.
  8. I think students should removed the holds as soon as possible. For me, I think the hold on the cunyfirst account does impact my education.
  9. I am freshmen.
  10. I am very familiar with the cunyfirst. I like a lot.

Interview # 2

Name: Remind anonymous


Sex: Female

  1. I thinker cunyfirst is ok.
  2. I think the cunyfirst should have a notification alert on things that are important. If there is something happened on my account or anything I need to do to register class. I prefer they send a email or make a phone call.
  3. If the site crashed, I will try it again and again until I can get into the site.
  4. I know there is a cunyfirst app, but I did not use it.
  5. It is just a regular website. I mean everything is ok, they are doing an ordinary job.
  6. they did not send notifications on things that are important. I feel they are doing poorly in this area.
  7. I like both, sometime I like to choose class myself, but if you talk to the adviser, you will get a insight and much more clear understanding about what classes you need to take.
  8. I really don’t like, it is annoying. Sometimes when you forgot there is a hold on your account, and you cannot take the class you need. It is very annoying.
  9. I am freshment
  10. I am pretty familiar with the cunyfirst website.

Interview #3

Name: Guadalupa



  1. I think the cunyfirst is ok.
  2. I want them to put information about tutoring service and advisement information on the website, so that I do not have to go on other website to make appointment.
  3. If the site crashed, I will ask my friends.
  4. I did not use the app, I don’t know there is app to the cunyfirst.
  5. I like the cunyfirst, and how they organized everything, and make the information very clear to see.
  6. They don’t send any notification about the things that are important.
  7. I prefer getting advised, because I don’t want to spend money on classes I do not need.
  8. I don’t like it. Again, I wish they send notification about the holds, and I do not want to pick my class before it is too late. The hold sometime block my access to pick the class.
  9. I am a freshment.
  10. I am pretty familiar with the cunyfirst.

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