Final Project concept

For my final project, I chose to make an app for all the New York Sports teams. Considering the fact that NY has two teams in all of our major sports, I feel that this type of app is needed for the die hard sports fans out there. New Yorkers are very passionate about there sports and being able to get the information for all New York teams from one app would be very convenient. That is pretty much the goal of this app, it will provide a quick efficient and organized way to get sports information for New York teams such as scores, highlights and the latest news about these teams. This is something I have personally always wanted since I am a sports fan that supports my home teams. My mood board is a representation of all the major sports teams for NYC. My main color swatch that will be used is below. I chose blue and white because even though the shades aren’t the same, most of the teams in New York use blue and white for there team jersey and logo colors.

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