User Research Interviews

Age: 22

Name: Ayana

Major: Marketing

College Senior

Tech savvy

Interview Questions

  1. Do you prefer CUNYFIRST or Degree works? What do you like about CF?
  2. Are you able to find the cite when its upgraded?
  3. If you could change something about CF what would you change?
  4. What do you do on Cf?
  5. Has the cite ever crashed on you before and if so, how do you deal with that?
  6. Would you recommend CF to others, why or why not?
  7. Do you have the app on your phone? (If not download it)
  8. What does the app provide that the website doesn’t? Is it easier to use?
  9.  Have CF made your college experience easier? 
  10. Do you think it’s necessary to have an advisor when you have access to CF? 
  11.  How do you feel about having holds on your account when registering for classes?
  12. how has their experience been?

Interview Answers

  1. I prefer Degree works over CunyFirst 
  2. It just easier to navigate and use
  3. It’s hard to maneuver at times
  4. I check to see my grades and what classes I have to take for future semesters
  5. Whenever I use CunyFirst it’s usually for checking my financial aide
  6. While using the CunyFirst cite it has crashed on me before and that’s why I can’t stand the cite
  7. Yes, I would recommend this only because it’s the only way to check the status of your financial aid.
  8. No, I don’t have the app that cite, 
  9. Yes, CunyFirst have made my college experience a lot easier.
  10. I hate having holds on mu accounts its annoying 
  11. My experience so far with this cite is good except when it crashes or when they put holds on my account.
  12. I was very familiar with the Cuny systems

Mariel Rivera



Major: Psychology

Moderately tech savvy

  1. I prefer CunyFirst over Degree Works
  2. I don’t really like cite that much it just too overwhelming at times
  3. If I could change something, it would be everything it’s too much at times
  4. I usually use the cite for registering for classes
  5. Yes, the cite has crashed on me before and I just hate it
  6. If there’s an update I usually find the cite really easy
  7. No, I not recommend the cite just because I can’t stand it
  8. Nope I don’t have time to put that on my phone thank you
  9. No, the cite has not made my experience any better it only screws you over at times.
  10. Yes, advisors that give you accurate advisement
  11. Having holds on my account only hinders me from applying to the necessary classes on time, and sometimes they can deregister you from a class and you lose your seat.
  12. My experience I just can’t wait for the semester to be done.




Major: Health Science

Tech savvy

  1. I prefer CunyFirst more than Degree Works
  2. I like it is somewhat helpful 
  3. Yeah if there’s an update I usually don’t have any problems
  4. I register for classes and check my class schedule
  5. If I could change the site it would be the setup it can be a little confusing at times
  6. Yes, the cite has crashed on me while I was registering for my classes and I had to reload the cite and waited for it to come back up.
  7. Yes, I would recommend the cite especially if you new student to the school it’s the only way to officially register for your classes.
  8. No, I don’t have the app, I didn’t even know there was an app.
  9. Yes, I think it’s necessary to have an advisor just because at times you need to confirm that you’re taking the right classes and you don’t spend an extra semester in the school.
  10. I was very familiar with the cite because I have been using it since I have been a student at this school.
  11. It makes no sense to have holds on students account, it just makes things more difficult and it holds you back from graduating.

It is clear from the responses that CunyFirst is the most popular website that most students frequently use to perform a number of school activity. We can also confer that It is also the most negatively rated in terms of student satisfaction and system glitches. 

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