Part 1: User Research – Interview 3 People

Your group needs to choose either CUNYFirst or DegreeWorks for the midterm project.

For your Group Project Topic:

  • What is the main objective of this section of the site?
  • What is the goal for the user?
  • What is working already in the UI of this site?
  • What is not working or is confusing?

Interview questions – Ask about pain points/issues they have found completing specific tasks.

  • How has their experience been?
  • What is the demographic of this person?
  • What year are they in school?
  • Are they fairly tech savvy?
  • How familiar were they already to CUNY systems?
  • Include their name and age.

Refer to page 111 User Interviews of our textbook, A Project Guide to UX Design, for tips on interviewing.

In your blog post, type up Q&A from your interviews. You will be discussing with your group what you have found in class next week from this field research to begin development of prototyping.

Part 2: Card Sorting, User Stories, Paper Prototype, and User Testing

Part 3: Final Prototype (Revised Paper Prototype)

Part 4: Presentation Slides Checklist

  • Topic – General overview of your project. What are the positives and negatives with the current User Interface?
  • Data Visualization of Interview Trends
  • 1 Paper Prototype (variations of IA/UX interaction)
  • 2 Paper Prototype
  • 3 Paper Prototype
  • Data Visualization of User Testing
  • Videos of User Testing
  • Final Prototype (Revised Paper Prototype)
  • Conclusion

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