Real vibes prototype

Here is my first prototype describing the payment option to my online website. The goal for my first prototype was to get users to know the website would be 9.99

Then i received feedback was to not worry on payment and began to work on the guidelines of my app.

Goal 1: Payment

This is my second prototype on how you create your profile on real vibes. In this prototype my focus is on how to log on to the app. Directions from beginning to end.

Goal 2: Log in to website/ creating about pg

This is my final prototype explain how to go live with another user. I like this one because its as simple as possible but well to understand. In this proto-type i am giving directions on how to sign up too the website and add friends to go live with.

Goal 3: Go Live/Add Friends

These are my three prototypes for my dating website real vibes. This is a guideline to help someone understand the process of my website.

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