Paper Prototype| User Testing

User goal: signing up

This was the first paper prototype I made, the goal is for the user to sign up for the application. When the user open the app they’ll have the option to sign in with their phone number or email address if the person is not a user there is an option to sign up. When you click sign up it will ask for your basic info.

The feedback I got from this prototype was why is there a mobile phone number option, personally I don’t see that as an issue, I see it as a way to sign in faster. Also it was an issue about security as seen above I clearly forgot the password option. Also they said I should add some more info Like what is your major what year your in and stuff like that.

User goal: Connecting

This prototype goal is for the user to add a friend, since my app is call CUNY Connect well i’ll use connect to a friend. As seen I went with the basic social media app outline, but its somewhat unique its sometime you with a familiar feeling. So when the user tap the search bar they will see all the recent search and they’ll be able to type what ever there.

So the issue that came up is that yeah people share the same names, no one whats to spend time looking through a 100 names. So I added a filter search option i’m not sure what does option is going to be, probably search by campus or major.

User goal: Messaging

This one is to have the user massage one of their connections just like every social media apps there is two ways to message someone you either go to there profile or you go into the message section of the application.

The issue my user tester had was that to them this was a little confusing to see what I was trying to portray here, but after an explanation they really didn’t any issue other that I should add other chat option like group chat, or chat with someone from your college that you don’t know etc.

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