Final Project Concept| CUNY Connects

My final project concept is about connecting CUNY students, I was going to make it so it connects all college students but I decided to start small. Sometimes it can be hard to make friends in college since you might meet someone this semester and next semester you never see them again. As college students its good to make friends because you never know what type of connections that person because they could know somebody who knows somebody and so on.

I came up with this idea after looking through some social media apps like facebook and LinkedIn(mostly LinkedIn) and how both audiences are different, but both apps have their own agenda. My thinking process was somewhere around the lines of i’m a college student wouldn’t it be nice to have some platform where I could share my college struggles, pains, and success and people on their can relate and share their own.

You could see what events other CUNY colleges are having if its free or not. you could see someone else in your major experience at a different CUNY college, even get help on your homework or trade homework, or simply just make friends.

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