Cart sorting, and Paper Prototypes

User Goal: To find the location

User Goal: Looking for air ticket

User Goal: Look for Hotel

User testing 1

John: I would definitely use this app, I like how the app is set up. I like how you can find specific things or landscape you can see in the location. Many travel apps do not have these things included. They only put images and the price. That is why I like this feature a lot.

User testing 2

Abigail: I like the app is very clear and simple to use, it is pretty much straight forward. I click on the ticket, then, I fill in the location, that it will leads me to the time. Lastly, I move to the payment. I just need to fill the card information and I can get the ticket, and I think it is pretty convenient. I can just skip the line and get the ticket online.

User testing 3

Jacob: I like how I can find all the things to see in the location feature. it is pretty useful for me to see all the landscapes I can see in location. In addition, I like to eat food from different places. I think the food feature and landscape feature is awesome.

1 thought on “Cart sorting, and Paper Prototypes”

  1. It would be great if you use more cards for information architecture. I believe the card sorting is helpful for designing navigation paths and menu structure in the app. I hope you enjoyed user testing to observe and understand how users use the app.


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