UXD- Car Story.

One day while driving to work ,I got pulled over by the cops because my left light on my car was burnt out. I quickly went over to Pepboys where an employee helped me pick out the bulb I needed to resolve my issue. The cops were nice enough to not give me a ticket … Read more


I wanna talk about a feature that came with my phone, its called Name ID, it allows you to see any number that calls you, and it gives you information about the number, including location of call and name of person just in case its a prank call or anything threatening. This app is a … Read more

UXD-Fail Second

Here is another UX design fail example. The steam app, there is no language setting in the steam app. People can change theirs prefer language in PC version of the steam. However, you cannot change the language on the mobile app. The solution to this UXD fail is to link PC steam language setting to … Read more


Here is something I found very interesting on the bus. I mean how is it possible for someone to sit in a seat like this? The passenger may sit on these seats, but it is going to very uncomfortable for sure. The object that supports seats are blocking the space, and there is no space … Read more


My fail is that I just recently moved, and my dilemma is that I have yet to finish unpacking and getting things situated. Especially my computer equipment and desk. So I have this portable computer desk for my laptop but it does not serve the purpose. It is designed so that I can sit on … Read more

UX Fail Part 2 Steam App

So earlier last year as a graduation present from my father he bought me a gaming PC. The download new games I had to download them through an application named steam. The cool part about it is that they have an app that if you want to purchase games on the go. However, the app … Read more

UX Fail Part 1 JOJO statue

In my life, I love a lot of things video games movies but most importantly anime. One of the animes I’ve currently watch that I am extremely loving is JoJo bizarre adventure stardust crusaders. One of my favorite characters from the show is the main character himself Jotaro Kujo only because he is the definition … Read more

UXD snapchat post

Every time I am free I get on my phone and the first app I decide to use is snapchat. I love snapchat so much, it is one of my favorite apps because of the filters that can be used and the access to everyday news stories as well. Though snapchat is great I have … Read more