UX Fails desk

I have been having issues with my computer desk for quite a while. Any subtle movements I make shakes the desk from side to side. This desk was screwed together with a power drill so there is no way it can be loose. After further inspection the desk was aligned unevenly so when I move … Read more

Ux Fails computer chair

The main issue with the chair is that every time I lean back it makes an obnoxious creaking sound and also the armrests feel uneven to eachother It has been happening about 4 months after I bought it. After further inspection of the chair, I have come to the conclusion that the screws at the … Read more

UXD Fails # no WiFi

The whole idea of a laptop is to move around right, well not in my case I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in one spot for the past few months because my laptop has finally gone brain dead. The only way of receiving my WiFi is through my handy dandy yellow Ethernet cord. It just … Read more

UX Fails- Everyday Life

In everyday life, failure crosses the crease in our foreheads. When it comes to User experience design, it becomes essential to make sure that the product and the design is essential to provide the best experience for the user. In some cases, the design doesn’t co-exist with the intended message or the symbol of being … Read more

UX Fail #2

I think everyone should be satisfy with just being able to call and text with there phone, but not when its really expensive for no reason. I hate the fact that I can’t listen to music whiles I charge my phone. I don’t actually do that but, I would like the option to for a … Read more

Ux Fail- The Catch Up App

So a while ago my sister recommended this game to me, you should try it its fun. I don’t really play games on my phone, but I thought this one was fun so, I downloaded. I normally play it when i’m on the bus or on the train whiles listening, sometimes music is not enough … Read more


When the first version of CSR released, I was excited to see how detailed every car was in the game. The game also came with an option to race your friends inside your clan as well as people around the world. When the app first revealed a second version of the game, everyone was curious … Read more