Final Presentation

My Final Presentation (App) will focus around buying, selling, and trading sneakers. This again has been a constant topic that I use because it’s one of my passion points. The sneaker resell market has become multi-billion dollar trade. I would like to create an app in which people can buy, trade and sell used and … Read more

Final Project concept

For my final project, I chose to make an app for all the New York Sports teams. Considering the fact that NY has two teams in all of our major sports, I feel that this type of app is needed for the die hard sports fans out there. New Yorkers are very passionate about there … Read more

My Final Project concept

I am going to do my final project on my photography. My photography is not always about people, it covers people, places and things. I have a quirky sense of style and thinking. Most people do not understand why I may take a certain photo. So they think it is strange that I would but … Read more

User Story- Degree Works

as a student at York College i want to use a well organized panner, so it can help me keep me updated with my degree progress the classes i have taken for each section of my major, where my degree progress is at, with my exact gpa status and grad level.