Final Project Concept

My final project concept is going to be a natural hair app. On this app I want to help women understand what type of hair they have and what products they can use to help their hair. A lot of woman have decided to go natural recently and I know how hard it can be … Read more

Mood Board on Dating Safety

My final project is on people who decide to meet others online. My application would be for people who don’t want to get Catfish. So in order to login in you would have to scan your I.D. Newer version of a dating website more cautious when people are meeting online. the app would be called … Read more

Final Project Concept| CUNY Connects

My final project concept is about connecting CUNY students, I was going to make it so it connects all college students but I decided to start small. Sometimes it can be hard to make friends in college since you might meet someone this semester and next semester you never see them again. As college students … Read more

Final Project concept

The main concept for my app is centered around the transit system. The app will make it so anyone with a smartphone can pay the bus/train fare using their phone eliminating the use of a metro card. The app will have a wide array of features to experiment with, for example, there would be a … Read more

Final Project

For the Final project, I want to decided a travel app. The goal of the app is to make travel more easier for everyone. The app is going to cover everything that people need to know about the travel such as house rental, airline, and special food to eat in the location. There are several … Read more

Final Project Concept-

For my final project is centered around the topic of a social networking system for spoken word poets. Spoken Word Poets and artists all belong to a community where events are centered around them. In the app (-), participants would be able to create a profile and update their feed to see details and when … Read more

Final project concept

My final project concept is about gaming and charity, in particular, making an app that focuses on streaming games for charity in particular autism The reason I chose this as my final project is because for the most part there are gaming related charities like extra life and Games Done Quick but they mostly focus on kids with cancer … Read more