User Prototype (CBD)

This is my CBD user prototype. In these 6 different IPHONE X screens I am showing step by step what a CBD subscriber would go through to be part of the CBD lifestyle. In the first screen it’s the basic login followed by all information on CBD as well as a free 30 day free … Read more

Real vibes prototype

Here is my first prototype describing the payment option to my online website. The goal for my first prototype was to get users to know the website would be 9.99 Then i received feedback was to not worry on payment and began to work on the guidelines of my app. Goal 1: Payment This is … Read more

Paper Prototype| User Testing

This was the first paper prototype I made, the goal is for the user to sign up for the application. When the user open the app they’ll have the option to sign in with their phone number or email address if the person is not a user there is an option to sign up. When … Read more

Cart sorting, and Paper Prototypes

User Goal: To find the location User Goal: Looking for air ticket User Goal: Look for Hotel User testing 1 John: I would definitely use this app, I like how the app is set up. I like how you can find specific things or landscape you can see in the location. Many travel apps do … Read more

Paper Prototypes and User Testing

these pictures of the prototype designs for my app that I have sketched and gotten feedback from three other people. This is the first prototype this is what every body who first log on to the site will experience. One of the problems one of my users had was that she had a hard time … Read more

Final Project Outline

Final Project Concept Mood Board 2 Precedents  Logo Design User Interviews User Research: Card Sorting User Stories/Scenarios 3 User Goals (Red Routes) 3 Paper Prototypes (Low-Fidelity) – Blog Post Due Date: April 28 3 User Testing and Results – Blog Post Due Date: April 28 1 Prototype in Sketch (High-Fidelity) 1 Video of User Testing … Read more

illustrator dating views

This is my two logo’s i designed the first one is illustrated two hearts that stands for unity with a necklace to represent strength and harmony. As for my second on is a heart with a bow tie and stars to represent fantasy within a person but still reality to meeting your connection with someone.

Final Project Concept

Here’s my final concept project, which caters to all the singles, the introverts, or I got commitment issues here folks! here is an app exclusively for you, it’s called V.I.S.P. With this app, clients are be able to create a players profile which specifies the qualities their looking for in their date. They would also … Read more


This is my MOOD BOARD I have decided to make my final on CBD (Cannabidiol) due to its importance in todays society. CBD has taken over many pharmaceutical companies due to its effect on patients. Due to the new year many health insurances have done multiple cutbacks on covering certain medications for patients. This has … Read more

Final Project | Part 1

-Concept + Goal / App Precedents / Mood Board | color swatches + fonts APP concept: – Personal Fashion Stylish app -The mission of this app is to help individuals with having a professionally styled outfit prior to the event or occasion they plan on attending. There are many professional stylist to choose from, to … Read more