Final Logo CBD

This is my final logo, i chose to combine both the medical part of cbd, and the active ingredient found in cbd as well. This has also been revised and updated, the original logo I made didn’t include any color. This includes both colors green and white.

Final logo

This is my final logo, I changed the words to something more simple and I kept the image the same. I was thinking about changing the colors but I started to really like how the blue and yellow complimented each other. What do you guys think?

Final Project: Updated LOGO

I am much more pleased with this logo. I've received critiques from my classmates to keep the simplicity of the logo, choose between the application name and the initials, and to add something that relates to the app. I added a hand holding a hanger to symbolize that a stylist is going to help you ... Read more

Final logo

This was the first logo that I designed. I couldn’t think of anything so this was more like a brain storming logo, just to start thinking about what type of logo I wanted because I couldn’t think of anything. I used the gradient tool to change the colors to make it look like the colors … Read more

Final Project: Logo design

My logo it’s supposed to be representing of streaming charity game for autism. The inspiration for it comes from the autism speak puzzle piece which is the signature autism signature and a controller to represent video games. This is my final logo for the final project. I made everything my own and even the controller … Read more

CUNY Connects| Logo

This is still a work in progress but the final will look better I hope, As you can see that its two puzzle pieces connecting which goes with the idea of connecting something