Paper Prototype Final

Here are the three paper prototype for my app design final which showcases the user testing feedback to go along with it. Below we have the first prototype which is what people will see when they first log in to the cite. Based on reviews from my users they indicated that the first prototype was … Read more

User Testing

In this user interview I was able to gather feedback from a student on their experience with CunyFirst and how I can improve the cite. As a current York College student, I wanted to find a better way fro myself to use financial aide as well as other students. BY making the cite more easy … Read more

User Testing|CUNYfirst Transcript

As a student you might need your transcript for a wide variety of reasons, for example when I transfer to York college I needed it, and to be honest I had to google how to find it on cunyfirst. In this a video one of our fellow York Student that I met in the cafeteria … Read more

Cart Sorting, Paper Prototype, and user Testing

User Stories I use cunyfirst to search for classes, but I want the information about class and important information about tutoring, cunyfirst news, graduation, transferring to be on the cunyfirst. In addition, I do not want to go to other websites to search for the information I need, such as financial aid.