UX iphone remake screenshot

In this screenshot image it showcases a BBC series thats currently showing in Italy where it discusses how some of the major characters would be replaced by other actors. Below you have the original caption of what i took. Then with the following image, i decided to add a little highlighted colors to bring out … Read more

App Redesign Walmart

I have been using this app frequently to check my schedule as well as filling in for open shifts. This app is a necessity to keep track of your schedule, however for the time this app is terribly outdated like Cuny first. One thing I would like added to the app would be an indicator … Read more

My Instagram Re designer app *New Version

I enjoyed working on this project because to me it was like seeing a vision that i want to portray before even using my visual technique to install my image. In this picture there is Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott during one of his major concerts at Madison sq. garden. This is a new version … Read more

Redesign an article

In class, I learned how to used Photoshop to redesign a screenshot. The screenshot I chose was an article talking about a game called Anthem. So in the first image, this is pretty much the original version nothing really special But the one below is my remake version. the idea was to keep pretty much everything the … Read more

Reimagining Twitter-

In class, I learnt about using photoshop to redesign a screenshot. For my execution, I used a common screenshot of my Twitter newsfeed, and changed it to look like something new. In this case, I changed it from a Home Page to the Chirp Central . I changed the time, the promoted tweet ( since they constantly … Read more


I chose a media source article to recreate into my own design from ABC news The screenshot is located down below. the first one is my version of the media source, while the second one of the original.