Cart sorting, and Paper Prototypes

User Goal: To find the location User Goal: Looking for air ticket User Goal: Look for Hotel User testing 1 John: I would definitely use this app, I like how the app is set up. I like how you can find specific things or landscape you can see in the location. Many travel apps do … Read more

Final Project

For the Final project, I want to decided a travel app. The goal of the app is to make travel more easier for everyone. The app is going to cover everything that people need to know about the travel such as house rental, airline, and special food to eat in the location. There are several … Read more

Cart Sorting, Paper Prototype, and user Testing

User Stories I use cunyfirst to search for classes, but I want the information about class and important information about tutoring, cunyfirst news, graduation, transferring to be on the cunyfirst. In addition, I do not want to go to other websites to search for the information I need, such as financial aid.

Interview Questions

How has your experience been with cunyfirst so far? What would you lie to improve about cunyfirst? where did you go if the site crashed? did you use cunyfirst app? what do you like about the cunyfirst? what do you dislike about the cunyfirst? what is the difference between getting advised and getting classes from … Read more

User Interviews

Interview Questions what is their name and age. What is the demographic of this person? what year are they in school are they tech savvy? Do you prefer CUNYFIRST or Degreeworks? What do you like about CF? Are you able to find the cite when its upgraded? If you could change something about CF what … Read more