Final logo

This is my final logo, I changed the words to something more simple and I kept the image the same. I was thinking about changing the colors but I started to really like how the blue and yellow complimented each other. What do you guys think?

User Prototype

This is my prototype for my natural hair app Love Yours.The first page is the log in page with the link to sign up. New members would press the sign up link where they would then be directed to enter personal info along with their desired username and password. The second page further prompts the … Read more

Final logo

This was the first logo that I designed. I couldn’t think of anything so this was more like a brain storming logo, just to start thinking about what type of logo I wanted because I couldn’t think of anything. I used the gradient tool to change the colors to make it look like the colors … Read more

Final Project Concept

My final project concept is going to be a natural hair app. On this app I want to help women understand what type of hair they have and what products they can use to help their hair. A lot of woman have decided to go natural recently and I know how hard it can be … Read more

Card sorting,Prototypes

After the 10 question interviews, my group came up with this way to do card sorting, this helped lead to my version of the prototype. This is the prototype I came up with, I got rid of a lot of unnecessary clutter and added things that I felt that students would appreciate. My focus out … Read more

User Interview

The people that I interviewed are all York students who have a problem with the way CunyFirst is set up. After the interview I realized that I should add a few things to make the experience easier for everyone.

User Interviews

Kerree Achille21JuniorMajor: Psychology Extremely tech savvy 1.Q: What do you like about CunyFirst? A:I honestly don’t like anything about CunyFirst. 2.Q: When CunyFirst gets updated are you able to successfully find the website? A: No, when the website gets updated I am not able to find it because it’s trash. 3.Q: If you could change … Read more

Mood board & Flyer

This is my mood board, I love natural hair and I always try to encourage those around me to embrace theirs as well so I decided to create something that has to do with that. My mood board has a lot of unity due to the black and white color scheme and great proximity even … Read more

UXD snapchat post

Every time I am free I get on my phone and the first app I decide to use is snapchat. I love snapchat so much, it is one of my favorite apps because of the filters that can be used and the access to everyday news stories as well. Though snapchat is great I have … Read more