User Story- Degree Works

as a student at York College i want to use a well organized panner, so it can help me keep me updated with my degree progress the classes i have taken for each section of my major, where my degree progress is at, with my exact gpa status and grad level.

Mood Poster and Online Flyer

This mood board represents my love my soca music. My favorite place in the world is my home, my beautiful island of Barbados. I chose these pictures to symbolize the artist that are my favorite from back home that sing the best soca in my mind. Top- Lil Rick(top left), Marzville(Top Middle), Mikey (Top Right) … Read more

Screenshot Creator

I’m a huge football fan and this is one of my favorite players in the Bundesliga Marco Reus and he was awarded the POTM( player of the month) for his performance during the month of December.