Paper Prototype| User Testing

This was the first paper prototype I made, the goal is for the user to sign up for the application. When the user open the app they’ll have the option to sign in with their phone number or email address if the person is not a user there is an option to sign up. When … Read more

CUNY Connects| Logo

This is still a work in progress but the final will look better I hope, As you can see that its two puzzle pieces connecting which goes with the idea of connecting something

Final Project Concept| CUNY Connects

My final project concept is about connecting CUNY students, I was going to make it so it connects all college students but I decided to start small. Sometimes it can be hard to make friends in college since you might meet someone this semester and next semester you never see them again. As college students … Read more

User Testing|CUNYfirst Transcript

As a student you might need your transcript for a wide variety of reasons, for example when I transfer to York college I needed it, and to be honest I had to google how to find it on cunyfirst. In this a video one of our fellow York Student that I met in the cafeteria … Read more

User Interview

Interview 1 Q1: What is your name and age? A: I am Jaquinn Young, and I am 20 years old. Q2: What year are you in college? A:  I am currently taking a break from college, but if I wasn’t taking a break it would be my 3rd year here, a Junior. Q3: When will … Read more

UX Fail #2

I think everyone should be satisfy with just being able to call and text with there phone, but not when its really expensive for no reason. I hate the fact that I can’t listen to music whiles I charge my phone. I don’t actually do that but, I would like the option to for a … Read more

Ux Fail- The Catch Up App

So a while ago my sister recommended this game to me, you should try it its fun. I don’t really play games on my phone, but I thought this one was fun so, I downloaded. I normally play it when i’m on the bus or on the train whiles listening, sometimes music is not enough … Read more