Final Project concept

The main concept for my app is centered around the transit system. The app will make it so anyone with a smartphone can pay the bus/train fare using their phone eliminating the use of a metro card. The app will have a wide array of features to experiment with, for example, there would be a … Read more

App Redesign Walmart

I have been using this app frequently to check my schedule as well as filling in for open shifts. This app is a necessity to keep track of your schedule, however for the time this app is terribly outdated like Cuny first. One thing I would like added to the app would be an indicator … Read more

UX Fails desk

I have been having issues with my computer desk for quite a while. Any subtle movements I make shakes the desk from side to side. This desk was screwed together with a power drill so there is no way it can be loose. After further inspection the desk was aligned unevenly so when I move … Read more

Ux Fails computer chair

The main issue with the chair is that every time I lean back it makes an obnoxious creaking sound and also the armrests feel uneven to eachother It has been happening about 4 months after I bought it. After further inspection of the chair, I have come to the conclusion that the screws at the … Read more