Paper Prototype

When first opening the app you will arrive at the preview to the left. It is the login screen, consisting of the logo and the proper username and password sections. For most users there is a signup link available, an account will be needed to access the features of the app. Also available is the ... Read more

Final Logo (Updated)

This time I used the approach to trace the figures I included in the past logos. It does take time to notice but the stickman is wearing sneakers that I also traced out and attached the body and to align with the app, many sneaker heads will be able to notice that it is the … Read more

Final Presentation

My Final Presentation (App) will focus around buying, selling, and trading sneakers. This again has been a constant topic that I use because it’s one of my passion points. The sneaker resell market has become multi-billion dollar trade. I would like to create an app in which people can buy, trade and sell used and … Read more

MoodBoard and Online Flyer

So my MoodBoard consist of the typical “hype” brands that I either purchase personally or purchase to resell. These brands do retail at a range of prices that some may consider affordable or not. Also the three sneakers which you see are probably the most expensive sneakers ever sold in the resell market which is … Read more

UXD Supreme and Supreme Community App

In my free time I am a reseller. Supreme is one of my main sources of income due to the hype that has been built around the brand for years. My issue with the Supreme app is that it doesn’t seem to ever receive updates or feedback. The store is updated every Thursday however you … Read more