Paper Prototype Final

Here are the three paper prototype for my app design final which showcases the user testing feedback to go along with it. Below we have the first prototype which is what people will see when they first log in to the cite. Based on reviews from my users they indicated that the first prototype was … Read more

Final Project Concept

Here’s my final concept project, which caters to all the singles, the introverts, or I got commitment issues here folks! here is an app exclusively for you, it’s called V.I.S.P. With this app, clients are be able to create a players profile which specifies the qualities their looking for in their date. They would also … Read more

User Testing

In this user interview I was able to gather feedback from a student on their experience with CunyFirst and how I can improve the cite. As a current York College student, I wanted to find a better way fro myself to use financial aide as well as other students. BY making the cite more easy … Read more

User Research Interviews

Age: 22 Name: Ayana Major: Marketing College Senior Tech savvy Interview Questions Do you prefer CUNYFIRST or Degree works? What do you like about CF? Are you able to find the cite when its upgraded? If you could change something about CF what would you change? What do you do on Cf? Has the cite … Read more

Mood board and Flyer

here is my mood board which is consist of movie clips and digital art. I chose to use different colors of which would depict the best features of action and drama. Then below I have the movie flyer about Zombies. I choose this background to enforce the mood which supports the theme and the different … Read more