Final Project Concept-

For my final project is centered around the topic of a social networking system for spoken word poets. Spoken Word Poets and artists all belong to a community where events are centered around them. In the app (-), participants would be able to create a profile and update their feed to see details and when … Read more

User Interview

For the User Research, My group which includes of Tenelle and Michael present the questions and Answers Below: With the use of degree works do you feel students still need to get advised? Is it easy to maneuver through DegreeWorks?      Is the design/layout of Degreeworks effective? With the usage of degree works how would … Read more

Meet Naomi- User Persona

Camryn, Michael and Tenelle are pleased to present our User Persona, Naomi Johnson. The Application that we decided to use was LinkedIn, with off-spins of Twitter. We used Photoshop to create this User Persona with the use of shapes and lines to create the Infographics.

UX Fails- Everyday Life

In everyday life, failure crosses the crease in our foreheads. When it comes to User experience design, it becomes essential to make sure that the product and the design is essential to provide the best experience for the user. In some cases, the design doesn’t co-exist with the intended message or the symbol of being … Read more

Reimagining Twitter-

In class, I learnt about using photoshop to redesign a screenshot. For my execution, I used a common screenshot of my Twitter newsfeed, and changed it to look like something new. In this case, I changed it from a Home Page to the Chirp Central . I changed the time, the promoted tweet ( since they constantly … Read more