Paper Prototypes

These are my paper prototypes based on red routes for the user. My three user goals are combining all NYC sports teams into one app, making the app easy for customers to navigate, and providing all the necessities that a sports fan will love. My first prototype shows the homepage with the various sports leagues. … Read more

Final Project concept

For my final project, I chose to make an app for all the New York Sports teams. Considering the fact that NY has two teams in all of our major sports, I feel that this type of app is needed for the die hard sports fans out there. New Yorkers are very passionate about there … Read more

Paper Prototype

For my paper prototype I took advice from my user interviews. focusing more on the the Academics section of Cunyfirst online board. Students claimed Cunyfirst layout should be more organized and much easier for students to navigate and understand. Each academic category is listed separate for students to find it less difficult and more organized … Read more

User Interviews

Interview Questions (accidently posted this under another persons account previously) what is their name and age. What is the demographic of this person? what year are they in school are they tech savvy? Do you prefer CUNYFIRST or Degreeworks? What do you like about CF? Are you able to find the cite when its upgraded? … Read more

Moodboard and Flyer

For my moodboard and flyer I choose to promote a Knicks/Nets Basketball fan club. This flyer was designed to appeal to Knicks and Nets fans. I used the logo colors for the knicks and Nets for the design of the flyer. For my moodboard I choose to use images that represent these 2 NY NBA … Read more


ESPN appI found this app a long time ago when I first got a smartphone. Problems:I do not like how by default videos with audio of sports highlights, or interviews automatically plays as soon as you open the app. Solutions:When you go into the settings you have the option to turn the autoplay feature on and off.

UXD Real Life

Chinese water dragon I found it in the pet store when my girlfriend and I we’re looking for a new pet. Problems: He rubs his face against the glass of the tank and is damaging his snout. Him and our cat don’t get along with one another. Solutions: We covered the tank with a towell … Read more