Final Project Outline

Final Project Concept Mood Board 2 Precedents  Logo Design User Interviews User Research: Card Sorting User Stories/Scenarios 3 User Goals (Red Routes) 3 Paper Prototypes (Low-Fidelity) – Blog Post Due Date: April 28 3 User Testing and Results – Blog Post Due Date: April 28 1 Prototype in Sketch (High-Fidelity) 1 Video of User Testing … Read more

Design Challenge – Mood Board and Online Flyer

• Note: Your mood board is for the inspiration of your mood and style of your design and please use images created in your flyer. • Include info: Title, location, date/time, price, RSVP, phone number, website address, email address, SNS, logo, a button to purchase tickets, and so on. • Format: Horizontal web format (1920 x 1080 at 72 … Read more

Presentation – User Persona

• Objective • Presentation of apps tested • User personas connected with those specific apps • User testing results with all apps • Analysis of data – functionality, learnability, flexibility, familiarity, ease of use, and design (UX/UI/Visual/Interaction) • Conclusion of research


Part 1: User Research – Interview 3 People Your group needs to choose either CUNYFirst or DegreeWorks for the midterm project. For your Group Project Topic: What is the main objective of this section of the site? What is the goal for the user? What is working already in the UI of this site? What … Read more