Paper Prototype Final

Here are the three paper prototype for my app design final which showcases the user testing feedback to go along with it. Below we have the first prototype which is what people will see when they first log in to the cite.

Based on reviews from my users they indicated that the first prototype was a little bit flat and that I could add more to the cite for encagement.

Another issue that was raised by another user was that they had a hard time with the video chat forum and that maybe I could add a picture for visual.

The last user said that the layout of the cite was very straight forward and that everything fit into the 3 user goals.

As you can see this is my update of the low prototype that was done using the galaxy 10, in class today that was use to create for my app. Along with the user testing reviews from above.

app low prototype 1
app low prototype2
app low prototype 3

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