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Questions about cunyfirst

1. What your name, age and gender?

2. What is the main thing you go to cunyfirst for

3. Are you fairly tech savvy?

4. How familiar are you with the cunyfirst system?

5. How often do you use cunyfirst.

6. List some of your pros and cons of cunyfirst

7. What semester in college are you in

8. When will you graduate?

9.what would you add to improve cuny first

10 .What would you remove to improve cuny first

11. What is your major


  1. age 22, female.
  2. I use CUNYFirst mainly for blackboard and class registration.
  3. I would consider myself fairly tech savvy.
  4. I’m decently familiar with the cunyfirst system.
  5. I use cunyfirst at least once a week.
  6. It’s fairly simple in my opinion to navigate. I suggest the site to at least allow us to adjust it to our preferences of where to put certain information in some locations.
  7. Not sure how I would respond to this. I think I consider myself in junior year of college so maybe year 3 in 2nd semester.
  8. I hope to graduate in year 2022.
  9. a better friendly-looking interface. It needs to be more oriented to allow us to go through the entire page instead of one location.
  10. I don’t really see for things to be removed on cunyfirst.
  11. Currently, it is psychology.


  1. 24, female
  2. Blackboard
  3. Just a bit
  4. Not very, I just know blackboard and the student portal
  5. Maybe 2 – 3 times a week
  6. Its a bit slow and there isn’t a cell phone version of the website or a good app
  7. Junior
  8. 2021
  9. Dream job to be an artist
  10. Make it run smoother
  11. Psychology


1. woman, 24

2. I’m very tech savvy

3. I use cunyfirst to check for available classes, all information about classes and financial status.

4. I’m very familiar with the system.

5. I use it often.

6. I’m a graduating senior.

7. The cons with Cunyfirst is that the search button located in the top right corner doesn’t function well. Another con is that it doesn’t allow me to simply go back to the previous page, I have to input all the information all over again. Another con is it always ask what school I’m in when I’m searching for classes, the system should automatically have YORK selected. It should know I go to that school.  Another con is that it doesn’t tell me my remaining classes based on my minor/major I have to go to degreeworks to figure that out.

8. To improve it make it more user friendly by having accessible tabs for new students and transfer students

9. When you log into cunyfirst the home page has unnecessary information that contains the same stuff that can be on york college website. 
As soon as we log into cunyfirst our class schedule should open up.

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