User Interview

For the User Research, My group which includes of Tenelle and Michael present the questions and Answers Below:

  1. With the use of degree works do you feel students still need to get advised?
  2. Is it easy to maneuver through DegreeWorks?     
  3. Is the design/layout of Degreeworks effective?
  4. With the usage of degree works how would you say it’s helps you as a student
  5. Do you have a hard time navigating degreeworks? Why?
  6. How does Degreeworks help you Maintain your school progress?
  7. Do you believe that a mobile application is needed?
  8. Is  DegreeWorks FAQ section/ Customer Service necessary ?
  9. (For seniors) Being that you are in your last semester, would you say that DegreeWorks has been helpful navigating you throughout your 4 years?

Upper Sophomore – Laatoya Roberts ,20

  1. Yes. I believe that a one on one connection is necessary for college students who may not be able to navigate the online system
  2. No. I find myself having trouble accessing specific options and tasks such as if i want to imagine about changing my major
  3. It can be. I think it can be updated to look similar to other networks such as tumblr or twitter
  4. Yes. Mainly because it’s online I can access it anywhere
  5. Sometimes the system crashes and I have to login all over again
  6. I can see my progress, GPA, as well as what level of schooling I am for example and Upper Sophomore
  7. No. Unless they can make it easier to have one on one connections with an advisor when needed especially if I’m out of the country and I want to take online classes
  8. It’s always needed. Especially for freshmans who would have no idea what’s going on
  9. (Non- applicable)

Senior  – Aimee Lay-Dunn , 23

  1. No. I want to be able to access my progress by myself and see what needs to be done according to the system
  2. It can be. Since I am almost finished with everything it makes it easier for me to see those few courses I can do next. There needs to be access to the course description on degreeworks so i can make my decision over there without switching tabs too often
  3. It is for me. The red and the green makes it easier for me to see what’s urgent as opposed to what isn’t
  4. I don’t feel the need to spend alot of time with someone who has to see alot of people in a semester. Degreeworks allows to be the personal guide that I need to remind me of what I need when necessary.
  5. Not really. I only go on there for one thing.
  6. I can see what needs to be done and what I have accomplished. I can also see this porgess by semester and my grades etc especially if i need to do something over
  7. No. I think something like that would be too small to navigate. Probably a mobile application would be needed if someone wants to see their GPA
  8. Yes. For those who need help with the technology side of things.
  9. It has. It’s also reliable for me because it’s always there once i’m in school

Freshman –Destiny Jordan, 19

  1. For me, Yes. Mainly because my degreeworks is so confusing based on all of the courses I have to take. There’s so many options! So many choices!
  2. No. I don’t think so. Not for me at least. Even though I love IT I believe that it’s difficult to see the different options that I can take since I am yet to declare a major.
  3. It is. The design is ok since it separates the different sections well. I wish that I can make the decision of changing the colors to make it cool!
  4. It doesn’t help me as much as I want it to. I still have to hear what a human says is right for me to do at this time in my college journey
  5. It showed me my GPA from last semester and it tells me that i’m a freshman as opposed to a lower freshman which i find to be really cool
  6. Still not sure. I know that it shows me the classes I took.
  7. No. I don’t need another app on my phone that is associated with school.
  8. Yes! Yes! Yes! I always need help or some type of at call assistance with this thing!
  9. (Non-applicable)

Junior – Danik Banaby, 21

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Yes
  4. It lets me keep up to date with my GPA and Calculate what more I need
  5. No
  6. Same as Question Five. It’s not accurate in letting you know that you need electives though
  7. No, People only use it right before the new semester begins
  8. Yes.
  9. (Non-Applicable)

Junior- Michael Benjamin, 21

  1. Yes. Some students prefer face to face advisement. They seem to understand more
  2. It can be challenging at times but it’s maneuverable
  3. The Design can use some work. It can be hard to understand at times
  4. It helps me to know what classes I have to sign up for
  5. Not really. I only use it to see how far along I am with my major and what classes I have to sign up for
  6. It helps me set goals for myself
  7. No
  8. Yes it would be helpful
  9. (Non-Applicable)

Senior– Kiana Claudio, 25

  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. It has helped me to understand what I need in order to graduate
  5. No
  6. It helps me by allowing me to track my grades and required classes needed
  7. Not really, but it isn’t a bad idea
  8. No
  9. Definitely this is the only place I can go to see exactly how many credits I have and still need

Junior– Dre, 21

  1. Yes, students still need to get advised because DegreeWorks does not help in every aspect.
  2. Yes because it’s not much to maneuver through.
  3. No, because it’s not modernized and only has a limited amount of links to access.
  4. DegreeWorks helps me understand my academic standing.
  5. No because it’s pretty simple and has the basic information provided.
  6. It shows me where I am and what I need to do to graduate.
  7. Yes, definitely because phones are very accessible.
  8. DegreeWorks actually does have a FAQ link on the home page, but it is not always accessible or reliable.  It frustrates me because it’s supposed to act as a “portable academic advisor” and it doesn’t even have answers to the questions I have.
  9. I am almost a senior but DegreeWorks really was not useful throughout my college years, i’d rather ask my advisor for help.

Senior– April, 21

  1. Yes, I believe every student should be advised because hearing advice from another person can positively influence the student.
  2. At first I had trouble, but my advisor taught me how it works.
  3. The layout is very simple and gets to the point, so yes it is.
  4. It’s only helpful when you need to know the status of your standing but I recommend seeing an advisor for help.
  5. I used to because I wasn’t able to access the information I needed.
  6. I usually use it to see how many credits I have completed and needed but I usually see my advisor to maintain my progress.
  7. Yes but I personally would not use it.
  8. Yes because it helps students maneuver through the site.
  9. Yes and no; Yes, because I was able to see how many credits I had left towards completing my degree and No, because I still had to see my advisor in person to get an official review of my degree requirements.

Junior– Kel, 20

  1. No, degreeworks basically has everything you need.
  2. It is a little easy to maneuver through if you know what you’re looking at but, I feel like it’s too simple to understand because of the limited amount of links and information.
  3. The layout is boring and not up to date, so it doesn’t make me want to log in.
  4. No, I don’t really use it.
  5. Sometimes, when I’m trying to find out my semester GPA, but other than that it’s easy.
  6. It shows me the classes I have taken but I go to my advisor for progress help.
  7. Yea but I’m not sure if people will actually download it, I would not.
  8. No, I don’t think it’s necessary.
  9. Yea, in terms of knowing my academic status; and no, because I barely use it.

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