What’s your name and age?

What grade are you in?

How has your experience with CUNY first been so far?

What would you improve from CUNY first?

What are your go to’s when the site crashes ? 

Do you know about the CUNYFIRST app?

How is the app different from the site ?

What are the pros and cons from the app or the website?

Whats the difference from getting advised and getting classes from CUNY first by yourself?

What do you think of the holds ? Has it impacted your education?

1st Interviewee

  1. Kelli, 22.
  2. I am currently a Junior at Queens College.
  3. At the beginning I had many problems navigating through the different links, but everything is good now.
  4. I would improve the navigation for new users. A tutorial video would be nice.
  5. I haven’t had any situations with the site crashing on me, I hope it stays that way.
  6. No I didn’t, this is actually the first time hearing about it.
  7. I wouldn’t know but im sure that the app is much easier to get to than the website.
  8. The pros of the website is how easy it is to register for classes and keeps me up to date with campus news. The cons is how unorganized it can be for first time users.
  9. There is no difference because I can do exactly the same the advisor does. I can go on degree works and check all my classes and what I have to take,
  10. So far it hasn’t had any impact on me or my education. 

2nd Interviewee

  1. Nicole, 19
  2. Im a sophomore 
  3. It has been smooth no problems.
  4. I haven’t had any issues with it so I wouldn’t change anything about it right now.
  5. I usually wait for it for a few hours or usually days, but it has always worked whenever I’m using it.
  6. Yes I needed something easier to manage on my phone without having to go through website and waiting for it to load. 
  7. The website contains more information.
  8. I only have positive things to say for both the app and the website. They have both helped me when I needed them.
  9. The difference is that the advisor would tell me if im in the right path in what courses im taking, but other than that I can do everything else by myself.
  10. No because im always on top of my responsibilities.

3rd Interviewee

  1. Jaime, 25
  2. I am currently going in my second years in grad school for my masters
  3. It has been very helpful for me throughout my years in college, but sometimes difficult to access. The system was down too many times
  4. I would improve the IT technical support to come with different ideas or solutions to the constant shut down the page has.
  5. When the system is down I usually rely in school or a friend from the same class for help.
  6. I do, although I never use it often since it doesn’t contain as much information as the website. 
  7. They differ a lot, I prefer the website more since it contains more information 
  8. The pros of the cunyfirst app is the reminders I get 15 min before my class starts. The con is it should contain more information that can be 
  9. getting advised was always good for me because my advisor always gave me the classes I needed instead of me going to cunyfirst and picking classes that didn’t help me at all
  10. I had a financial hold but it wasn’t a big deal, all I had to do was make a call to the bursar department about the check and it cleared up, but I believe it can have a negative impact in students.

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