Interview Questions

Part 1

Q1: What is your name, age, and gender?

Kevin Cuenca, 18 years old, male

Shaikh, 20, male

Ethan, 19, male

Q2: What is the main thing you go to cuny first for?

I go to cunyfirst to view my holds and distribution dates for financial aid

Register for classes

Schedule classes

Q3: Are you fairly tech savvy?




How familiar are you with the new cunyfirst system?

I am very familiar with the cunyfirst system

Pretty Familiar

Very familiar

Q4 List some of your pros and cons of cunyfirst

Pros: easy to manuever, class enrollment is simple.

Cons: login errors occurs all the time

Pros: easy to use

Cons: when i want to sign in for blackboard it takes me to cunyFirst first.

pros: none

cons: not all classes are available during certain semesters

what semester of college are you in?


Second semester

2nd semester

When will you graduate?

May 2021

May 2021

May 2021

What would you add to improve cunyFirst?

Instructions and help guide.

New layouts and professor rating

Remember choice in college

What would you remove to improve cunyFirst?

i don’t know.

I would remove some related link and combine them so that I wont take long getting to where i need to go

Remove news, put it in another section

What is your major and minor( if it applies )



Double major: Music & Psychology

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