WakeUp Call- Mood Board and Flyer

Mood Board for “WakeUp Call”

For this Assignment, I decided to create an event and flyer associated with Women’s History Month. My mood board shows the swatches of the main colors/color scheme used to create my flyer as well as the inspiration for my cartoon characters and the idea for making the event.

Flyer for ‘WakeUp Call”- The Event

I am pretty impressed in the final design of my Flyer. I believe that too much text would take away from the initial strength of the images used in the flyer. The colors, Blue and orange being contrast colors work perfectly in my eyes. The brown color of the bread slice also allows to tie in all of the colors instead of it being totally duo-chrome. The use of the blue is effective because it is a light color symbolic to early mornings as well as the Orange used for the text. The egg, In the top left corner is also symbolic of a sun and the slice of bread is the visual pun tied to ‘women being breadwinners’ as well as placing the bread at the head of the table. The hierarchy of the font is effective because you would read the title which jumps out at you as well as focusing on the text on the table.

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