Mood board & Flyer

This is my mood board, I love natural hair and I always try to encourage those around me to embrace theirs as well so I decided to create something that has to do with that. My mood board has a lot of unity due to the black and white color scheme and great proximity even though it is changed with the flyer.

This is my flyer, the mood board inspired me to add color to the flyer surprising because I planed to keep everything black and white to represent black history month but I changed my mind. I put my title/ logo on the top of the flyer to express the importance of it because it’s higher in the hierarchy and it’s location will help guide the viewers eyes to everything else on the flyer. From there everyone looking at the flyer can see all the other important information. And I added the click me button to RSVP instead of purchasing tickets for the event itself because it’s free.

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