Mood Board + Flyer Challenge

My Mood Board is very vibrant, yet mellow. It consist of cartoons, photography and digital art text. Most of the photos I used for this board are vintage photos, mainly from the 1970s. But the three photos on the right side are from 2018, with the top right photo being one I took myself. With Orange being the common color in all these photos, I feel that this mood board works very well together. Most of these photos are warm colors and high in saturation, which makes it eye-catching. I am very satisfied with the way my Mood Board turned out.
The flyer was surprisingly a challenge for me. I did not want to copy anything I’ve seen from google, so creating content from scratch was a bit challenging. Despite the difficulties, I am happy with my flyer. I feel that I could’ve added more but I didn’t want the flyer to become busy, therefore it looks fairly simple. I tried to use colors that popped against the background, to make it easier on the eye.

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