Mood Board & Flyer

I am a lover of photography so I decided to do my mood board and flyer on photography. My mood board has a few photographs that I have personally taken. I had to many to choose from so I just used a couple select ones that I like. I tried to keep it simple.

For me,I can se the beauty in thongs that most people do not see. I can see a knot hole in a tree and see something that no one else sees, just like the snow on the tree it looks like the tree has white leaves which makes it beautiful. The castle down below is Bannermans Castle which was an arsenal. It sits in the middle of the Hudson river upstate New York. I am glad that I caught this photo, cause the castle has fallen apart. And I just recently found out that the castle was used in one of the Transformer movies. I also love to take photos of the sky as you can see in my flyer, this was an original photo taken by me from the Metro North train as it was moving. Mostly all of my photos are from upstate New York and the city of New york and its surrounding boroughs.

I did my flyer but for some reason I could not get it to the page.

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