Final Logo CBD

This is my final logo, i chose to combine both the medical part of cbd, and the active ingredient found in cbd as well. This has also been revised and updated, the original logo I made didn’t include any color. This includes both colors green and white.

User Prototype (CBD)

This is my CBD user prototype. In these 6 different IPHONE X screens I am showing step by step what a CBD subscriber would go through to be part of the CBD lifestyle. In the first screen it’s the basic login followed by all information on CBD as well as a free 30 day free … Read more

Updated Paper Prototype

So this is my updated prototype being used on the Samsung Galaxy 10. Okay so I got three students to look over my prototype and as you can see I made a change to it, Everyone said that it was very user friendly and easy to use. That I had also laid out everything that … Read more