Final project concept

My final project concept is about gaming and charity, in particular, making an app that focuses on streaming games for charity in particular autism

The reason I chose this as my final project is because for the most part there are gaming related charities like extra life and Games Done Quick but they mostly focus on kids with cancer and only there is hardly any streaming charity for autism so not only will streaming games for charity but be very informal about autism.

The goal of this is to show that games also have help people in a lot of ways through charity and also make autism more aware since there is hardly any charity stream for it.

A lot of my inspiration comes from the twitch app on how I’ll approach my app. The app makes it very easy for you to navigate on different streamers and donate to the streamers the only differences from mine you won’t be donating to the streamers you will just be donating to charity.

This is the mood board is supposed to be a representation of video games autism and charity altogether. It’s supposed to give the idea that video games can help people.

The colors I will be using is blue and white

And the front would be something like this.

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