Final Project Concept

My final project concept is going to be a natural hair app. On this app I want to help women understand what type of hair they have and what products they can use to help their hair. A lot of woman have decided to go natural recently and I know how hard it can be to know what products are good for you. To avoid waisting money on products that don’t work for you because you don’t know your hair, this app can help you figure out what type of hair you have to make the product search way easier.

My goal is to just make the transition to being natural easier. It took me a really long time to understand what my hair likes and what type of hair I have. A lot of popular products dry out my hair and make it harder to deal with. With this app women wouldn’t go through this.

I want bright colors and bold fonts, I’m not sure which font or colors exactly yet but I know I want everything to be bold and bright to express confidence.

This is my moodboard for my app.

Font and colors for my app

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